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Additional Services

We're not the typical cleaning company or private chef. Maids of All Trades offers an array of Additional Services such as picking up or dropping off prescriptions or mail, keeping your home tidy and organized, making sure your clothes are properly cleaned in-home or dry cleaned, and even getting Fido or Mr. Boots to the vet on time!

Running Errands for You

Do you have too many things on your daily To-Do list? Maids of All Trades will take care of all those errands and projects so you can concentrate on the important stuff.

We'll shop for your groceries, visit the pharmacy for medications, pick up your dry cleaning  and any of a hundred small tasks that come up every day. Let us know what you need and we'll take care of it.

Laundry Services

Whether you prefer your laundry dry-cleaned or cleaned in your own home, we are here to help.

  • For your dry-cleaning, we'll pack up, drop off and pick up for you.
  • For In-Home Laundry Services, we will go over your exact needs, then get to work with the laundry products of your choice. You won't have to worry about the possibility of outside contaminates coming into your home.

Pet Transportation

For pet owners, especially during the COVID shutdowns, getting your beloved pets to the vet or groomer can be a problem. We will happily take them to their appointments and bring them back home to you, safe and sound!

NOTE: A leash, harness, ID tag and carrier or kennel is required.

Call us at (727) 415-8787 for further information and a quote.

No matter your needs, we will customize a plan that works for you. Maids of All Trades offers cleaning, meal preparation, chef services, errand running, housekeeping,  laundry services and more to fit your exact needs.

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