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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our services. Basically, we promise to take good care of you and your family. We want you to stay with us for a long time—and that means delivering excellent services.

Our re-do policy

We want every customer to be satisfied with their service, but if something arises please let us know. This insures that whatever the problem is, it gets handled promptly and a Re-Do service can be scheduled immediately.

Do I need to be home during my scheduled services?

Absolutely not! We understand that work and personal life doesn’t allow for much free time and we wouldn’t want you to waste a single second. If you won’t be home during your scheduled service, just let us know and a trusted Manager will oversee the entirety of your service.

How are we different from our competitors?

While there are many other companies that offer cleaning, organizing, meal preparation or errand running services, no other company will provide them as a package. This means you will have to deal with many different people or companies coming into and out of your home. Let us save you time and hassle by being your one-stop service company!

Do I need to supply cleaning equipment?

No! We’ll bring all of the supplies and equipment necessary.

What will my services cost?

Each client’s needs are completely different, so prices will differ as well. Every customer is guaranteed a free estimate whether you choose us or not, so please give us a call at (727) 415-8787.

If I have issues with my services, what happens next?

We strive to provide the best services in the business. If you have any questions, concerns or are otherwise unsatisfied with your service we want to know right away so that we can ensure you are getting the best service.

How long will my services take?

We will happily give a time frame for each customer during the initial quote. Our team will never rush out of a home or office unless it is up to our high standards, so we ask that customers that are receiving service mid-day allow for some variance as there could be traffic or a few finishing touches to be completed before moving on to the next location.

Do I have to schedule routine cleanings?

We want to make your life easier, so if routine cleanings will do that, let’s schedule them! If not, no worries! Just give us a call to schedule your occasional cleaning when you’re ready.

Call us at (727) 415-8787 for further information and a quote.

No matter your needs, we will customize a plan that works for you. Maids of All Trades offers cleaning, meal preparation, chef services, errand running, housekeeping and laundry services to fit your exact needs.

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